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Opt to be a Christmas Saver to save your vouchers throughout the year and receive them in time for Christmas. Plus, you'll get a bonus voucher when you top up with just £25.


How does it all work?

    • You'll receive your Clubcard statements throughout the year stating your Christmas Savings total.
    • You can top up your savings with your own money in store at the checkout and the Customer Service Desk, from 50p to £360.
    • Top up throughout the year and receive:
      £25 top up = £1.50 bonus
      £50 top up = £3 bonus
      £100 top up = £6 bonus
      £200 top up = £12 bonus.
    • Your last chance to top up your savings and receive your bonus in your November 2016 statement is 18th October.
    • In your November statement, you'll receive all your Clubcard vouchers, any top-up vouchers you've saved up and any bonus vouchers you have earned - all just in time for Christmas.

Become a Christmas Saver


Log into My Clubcard Account, click on 'My Account Details' and opt in via 'Options & Benefits'

By phone

Call 0800 591 688* or 0330 123 1688**

If you're still unsure and have some more queries, try our Frequently Asked Questions

Christmas Savers Standard Terms and conditions

  1. You can start topping up your 2016 Christmas Savers account from 26th December 2015. You can top-up up to £360 per year.
  2. Top-up vouchers are valid for two years from the date of issue.
  3. Excludes Tobacco, Esso fuels, Prescription medicines, Lottery products, Infant formula milk Gift cards, Travel Money.
  4. Clubcard points are not collected on cash top-ups. Top-up and bonus vouchers cannot be exchanged with Boost partners, converted into Airmiles/BA miles or used in the Clubcard Voucher Exchange, however bonus vouchers can be used for Boost at Tesco.
  5. Christmas Savers top up vouchers cannot be used for Clubcard Boost.
  6. Top up vouchers which are expired or lost will be re-issued in the form of a money card, providing the top up vouchers have not previously been redeemed.
  7. You will receive a bonus voucher if you have topped up £25 or more throughout the year.
  8. Maximum bonus voucher value is £12. Bonus vouchers are valid for 2 months from the date of issue. Bonus vouchers which are expired or lost will not be re-issued.
  9. You can opt out of the scheme any time of the year and will receive your Clubcard Boost vouchers in the next statement due after the next points cut-off date. However, any top-up vouchers you have saved throughout the year will not be sent out until your November statement. If you opt out of the scheme you will no longer be able to top-up your Clubcard account. If you opt out of the Christmas savers scheme and have topped up £50 or more in the current 2015 collection period (26/12/15 – 18/10/16) you will not receive a bonus in your November statement.
  10. The last date for top up in 2016 for the November statement is 18th October, 2016. Click here for full Clubcard terms and conditions or please call 0800 591 688* or 0330 123 1688**
  11. Clubcard terms and conditions apply. See for details.

* Free from BT landlines. Other providers vary. Calls may be recorded.
** Charged at local rate from mobiles and private telephones.