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About Guide Price

Why the price you pay may be different to the website price:

  • The price may vary between the order time and the delivery time.
  • Prices of weighed items (like fruit and vegetables) and pre-packed weighed items (like meat, poultry and cheese) will vary slightly from what’s on the website.
  • Unavailable items will need to be substituted.

All prices are expressed inclusive of any VAT payable unless otherwise stated. The rate of VAT is 20%.

When your order is delivered you may return any item and receive a full refund if you consider that the difference between the price charged and the guide price shown on the Grocery website is unacceptable.

About total Clubcard points

This is the total number of Clubcard points you've earned from this order.

About total Multibuy savings

This is the amount you've saved from Buy 1 Get 1 Free and Multibuy promotions.